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Air Cargo & Shipping Solutions 


GEN Cargo 

General Cargo is used for shipments such as dry cargo, consolidation, household goods, personal effects and other commodities that require regular handling only. ZF General Cargo shipments are handled efficiently, ensuring that your shipment arrives at its destination on time.

PER Cool Chain 

PER is for  temperature-sensitive shipments, from pharmaceuticals to perishables and everything in between. When you need to ship temperature-sensitive commodities – from pharmaceuticals to perishables and everything in between – ZF Cool Chain offers a selection of three solutions designed for the specific needs of your commodity: ZF PER offers solutions provide a temperature-controlled environments to ensure product freshness and stability.

Special handling for dangerous goods and compliance with regulatory requirements.

While Zone Four takes great care in shipping all items entrusted with us, some items need more care than others, such as dangerous goods. It is through our extensive experience handling these types of items over the years that we’ve become the premier choice for safe transport of specialized cargo ranging from flammable materials, explosives and corrosives to machinery with internal combustion engines.

Defining Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are articles or substances that are capable of posing significant risk to health, safety, or property when transported by air.


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) categorizes dangerous goods into nine classes:

Class 1 Explosives

Class 2 Gas

Class 3 Flammable liquids

Class 4 Flammable solids

Class 5 Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides

Class 6 Poisonous (toxic) and infectious substances

Class 7 Radioactive materials

Class 8 Corrosives

Class 9 Miscellaneous articles and substances

Lithium Batteries, Lithium Battery powered vehicles, personal electronic devices containing lithium batteries, dry ice, environmentally hazardous substances, life-saving devices, machines and vehicles incorporating internal combustion engines, magnetized material, polymeric beads, aviation solids or liquids, consumer commodities, chemicals and first aid kits.

Does your cargo require special handling?
Contact us Shipping Solutions & Services for expedited shipping, live animals, temperature-sensitive shipments, valuable goods, dangerous goods and compassionate transport of human remains. 
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Entebbe Hub & Facilities
Entebbe International Airport 
Hours of Operations: 
Monday - Sunday 24 Hours 
Cool Rooms (Perishable & Medical):
+2 - +7  Degrees Celsius - Controlled 
-18 - 30 Degrees Celsius - Controlled 
Up to 750 Metric Ton Capacity, Aircraft Pallet compatible.
Shipment & Booking Inquiries:
EBB - Gateway Connections
LGG - Liege, Belgium
JNB - Johannesburg, South Africa
JUB - Juba, South Sudan
MWZ - Mwanza, Tanzania 
KGL - Kigali, Rwanda 
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